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Dr. Nguyen and her staff take a special interest in each member of our family. We first visited her practice with an emergency dental situation for our daughter (age three at the time). Dr. Nguyen was extremely patient and dedicated to ensuring our daughter's situation was properly taken care of. We have been under her dental care since then (approx. 2008). Hands down, she is the best dentist we have ever had. We have referred multiple family members and friends to her practice and they have all been equally pleased with the service she provides. Dr. Nguyen and her staff are friendly, competent, and a pleasure to deal with. She provides honest and unbiased dental advice and care. You can always trust her for high quality service. Dr. Nguyen provides a personalized level of care that is very rare in today's fast-paced society. We appreciate the dedication her practice provides to each of our family members. I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen and her staff to anyone looking for a dentist that they can build a trusted and long-standing relationship with.

Richard W, VA


Our entire family enjoys our visits to see Dr. Nguyen -- even our children actually look forward to them! The staff are great and do their best to not only make our kids feel safe and cared for, but all of us entertained and engaged with fun conversation and banter. Truly, this is the kindest and warmest practice I've ever experienced.

Pete K, VA


I first began the search for a new dentist when my previous dentist had lost what I felt was a personal touch with his patients. As is usual these days, I turned to the Internet as well as my job's work site to find a dentist that was both close to where I lived and that took my dental plan. I quickly narrowed my search down to three local dentists. After interviewing all three, it was very obvious that Riding Plaza Dental Care was the best choice for my family's needs. I have not been disappointed. The staff is fantastic and very friendly. Dr Nguyen, aside from having a very gentle touch and being extremely detail oriented, shows genuine concern for her patients. My young son and my wife, who had been very nervous about dental visits, have no apprehension about visiting the office for their periodic checkups and whatever follow-up treatment may be required. Whenever the subject comes up, I always recommend Dr. Nguyen as my dentist of choice.

James S, VA


I had a severe case of "dental phobia" until I met the great staff at Riding Plaza Dental Care. While I still have a fear of dentists (it's the kid in me), Dr. Nguyen and her team reassures me that everything will be fine every time I visit. My experience with them has been exceptional, and I would recommend Riding Plaza Dental Care to anyone, even those who are afraid of dentists.

Thomas L, MD


I first heard about Riding Plaza Dental Care at one of the South Riding community events and have now been a patient for three years (since 2008). My experience with the office is great; I feel comfortable and well taken care of. I trust Dr. Nguyen with her advice. She is always honest and I never feel pressured to do any additional work. I like that the office always calls twice before each appointment. She and her staff make us feel like family.

My best experience was when my son had his first visit to get his teeth checked at the age of three. Everyone was very patient and he got to watch his favorite shows while in the chair. He is five now and loves to visit his dentist.

I definitely recommend all my friends and family to Riding Plaza Dental Care.

Lamiaa E, VA


Not remembering who referred me, I walked into your office several years ago. Next to the ease of access, I remember a calm feeling after entering your office. I received a pleasant and warm smile accompanied by a soft but confident greeting from your front desk staff. After processing all my personal information I was greeted by Dr. Nguyen, with whom I leisurely walked to the back of the office in conversation.

She explained the preparation taken for my routine checkup with a great deal of confidence and detail, and I was amazed by her ability to convey this information in a manner I could understand. Before I could note the passage of time, Dr. Nguyen had skillfully finished her work and her staff was performing the finishing touches. Wow, what a wonderful experience.

While I have several experiences I can recall, Dr. Nguyen's examination of both of my oldest children stands out the most. My son and daughter had been visiting another dentist and we had been told their teeth were progressing fine. When we made the choice to switch to RPDC for routine visits, Dr. Nguyen noticed a condition in both of their mouths that would have been life changing if not addressed. She recommended a specialist who concurred with her diagnosis. With these issues now addressed, my children are now on track with their growth.

Each of my visits to RPDC has been so consistently pleasant and comforting that I referred my mother there as well; she cannot say enough good things about their professionalism. I must say that Dr. Nguyen and her staff do an outstanding job in maintaining a family-focused environment, and all my children love going to visit them. They are wonderful people.

Thank you Dr. Nguyen and your wonderful staff for your dedication to providing quality care to me and my family. We appreciate your professional work ethic, swift response, extensive knowledge, and attention to detail. Keep up the outstanding work and we'll see you at our next checkup.

Kelvin T, VA


After years of benign neglect I cannot be more pleased with the results that were achieved. I not only thank, but indeed recommend Doc and her staff to anyone who is looking for comprehensive dental care in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dave G, VA


Dr. N (as I call her) has a well-run practice with state-of-the-art equipment and her staff is courteous, friendly, and professional. They will answer all your questions and go the extra mile, if need be. I relish the lack of a frenzied environment at Riding Plaza Dental Care and truly enjoy Dr. N's excellent chairside manner. My family has finally found a place for our dental needs. I heartily recommend RPDC.

Bonnie K, VA


My family and I have been happy patients at RPDC for several years. The office has very flexible hours, and is even open on Saturdays to make scheduling easier. Every time I am there I feel like a welcome guest, not just a patient moving through an assembly line of rooms and people. They are very good at explaining everything clearly before they move along, and Dr. Nguyen is always attentive in making sure that we are well taken care of. She and her staff are very friendly and take the time to get to know you as a person, and not just a number. My family and I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable dentist.

Tom D, VA

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